Whatsapp was down since 21:00 of the day 03/05/2017 for almost 4 hours, inducing hundred thousands of complaints all over the internet, and actually unclear what is causing the issues or when things will be back online, nobody knows why WhatsApp was down for the whole world. Here In this post, I am going to show you some of the possible reasons why the messaging app WhatsApp was down.

The whole internet is freaking out and complaining about the issue, on twitter the most trending hashtag is #whatsapp and #whatsappdown it is crazy a number of people talking about the problem every second!

A moment of silence for all those who have rebooted their phones all in the name of whatsapp not working #whatsappdown

And even we will find thousands of funny memes about the issue, shared by people from all over the word on the social networks:

whatsapp down meme

These are some reasons why WhatsApp is not working:

1. Whatsapp Hacked

This is one of the most possible reasons why WhatsApp was down and suddenly stopped working, the founders normally are warning about when and why they stop the app from working so they can improve it, this time it happened suddenly and it’s probably because it was attacked.

2. Server Issues

The messaging app WhatsApp is actually connected to a server where it sends and receives messages, so there could be some bug and they had to fix it.